How Can I Change Email Address on Facebook Fast

How Can I Change Email Address on Facebook Fast: Looking for a guide on how to change your facebook email address? 

Here is a Facebook post that teaches how you can get that done with ease. Continue reading below:
  How Can I Change Email Address on Facebook Fast 
When you create a Facebook account you entered an email address which you use to log into your Facebook account and to receive notifications. 

If for any reason you no longer want to continue using the email as your primary email, or you just want to add another email to the existing email on your Facebook account 

This post will guide you on how to add new email on Facebook or Change your Facebook email. 

How to change email Address on Facebook 
1. Log into Facebook info by entering your login email and password. 

2. Open the settings menu at the right side of the top navigation bar. 

3. Tap on Account Settings. 

4. Tap General to bring you to a new menu with your contact information. 

5. Tap Email,where you will see a new window with all of the email accounts you have linked to your Facebook. 

6. Click on the Add Email Address link, to add a new email link. 

7. Type in the new email address and your password, and tap Add Email. 

8. Facebook will send you an email with a confirmation code. 

9. Navigate back to the Email settings, and click Confirm Email Address. 

10. Input the confirmation code you received and hit confirm. 

11. Navigate to theAccount Emails settings under Account Settings, General, Email. 

12. Tap thePrimary Email button. 

13. Choose your primary email. 

14. Type in your password into the text box on the screen, and tap save. 

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