How to Create Facebook Page for Business - Facebook Help Center

How to Create Facebook Page for Business - Facebook Help Center: Having a public profile to represent your business on Facebook is beneficial. 

It could help you advertise your business on the platform. 
How to Create Facebook Page for Business - Facebook Help Center
Additionally, you can use it in interacting with users, groups, and pages on the platform. You see, for all of these to be possible you need a Facebook page for business. 

This Facebook page for business can also help you in running ads about your business or brand. This can really help a business owner whether small or big as well as brand marketers drive sales. 

Facebook has currently over a billion users why are scattered all over the world. 

In case you have not noticed, whoever you think might need your product is on Facebook. Getting these products to them will definitely get them interested in getting one. 

This is one of the many ways you can drive sales on your business.
How to Create Facebook Page for Business 
Creating a Facebook page for business is simple. Additionally, it is free. When creating a Facebook page, you can choose to create a page for a business or brand for a community. Now we are talking about creating a business page. 

The steps below will help you create a Facebook page for business. 
> Log in your Facebook account on the official Facebook website at 
> Locate the page icon from either you left sidebar or menu icons. 
> From the pages, web page hit the “Create Page” button. 
> From the Business or Brand section, click on “Get Started”. 
> Enter the name of the business or brand as the page name or enter into any name you have in mind. > Select a category that best fits the business or brand and hit the “Continue” button. 
> Now you will be redirected to the admin page of the page you just created. 

The admin page is where you can monitor the page and view stats. 
Facebook Help Center 
The Facebook help center will help you in solving personal issues you are having on the platform. You can easily get helpful information and tips form the Facebook help center
> Log in your Facebook account. 
> Select “support inbox” from your menu icons. 
> Scroll down the webpage and hit on “help”. 
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