Steps On How To Pinterest Account Login with Facebook

Steps On How To Pinterest Account Login with Facebook: Looking for a guide on how to login pinterest using facebook? 

Here is an authentic guide that teaches how you can get that done with ease.

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How to Login to Pinterest Fast. 
step 1: Go to step 2: The page that loads on the screen will look like the image below.
  Steps On How To Pinterest Account Login with Facebook 
step 3: Enter your email address or phone number in the space provided. Then type in your password and click Log in.

That’s all for Basic Pinterest Login in 2019.

There are a few other things you’d find useful too,

1. If you registered for Pinterest using your facebook account, use the continue with facebook button.
2. If you used your google account sign up for Pinterest, use the continue with google button to login fast.

Forgot Password 
Lost your Pinterest Account password? No need to worry, you can regain access to your account following the steps below.

Step 1– Click on the “Forgot your password?” link located at the bottom of the “Log in” section

Step 2– To find your account you need to provide your email, name or username.

Step 3– Once your account is found you can click on the “Send” button. A new password will be sent to the email address associated to your Pinterest Account.
Sign Up for Pinterest 
Sign up for Pinterest by creating a username. If you create a new account rather than using Twitter or Facebook, Pinterest will ask you to confirm your email address. Your Pinterest username must be unique but you can change it later.

You can have three to five characters in your Pinterest username, but no punctuation marks, dashes, or other symbols.

Next, go to your email inbox and look for the confirmation message that Pinterest will have sent you. It should contain a confirmation link that you must click on to go back to and finish signing up.

Setting Up a Pinterest Account with Facebook or Twitter If you don’t want to create ​a Pinterest login, you must provide Pinterest with your login to either your existing Facebook or Twitter account, including your personal login name and password. You can use one of those as your Pinterest login.

One advantage to using your Twitter or Facebook login as your main Pinterest sign-in is that Pinterest will be able to help you connect with your Facebook or Twitter pals right away.

Without that social network connection, you will essentially be starting over in building friends on Pinterest.

Another advantage, of course, is it’s easier to remember one login than two. It’s a good idea to create a new Pinterest login and password, though, especially if you just want to check out Pinterest for a while before connecting with one or more of your other social networks.

Pinterest is a very different kind of network, and you may want to connect with entirely different people.

You can always add your Facebook or Twitter IDs to your Pinterest profile later by going into account settings and clicking the On button next to Twitter or Facebook.

Your Pinterest Username is Part of Your Pinterest URL Whatever Pinterest username you choose will form the unique URL or web address for your Pinterest page, such as

In each case, your username forms the last part of your URL. In this example, the username obviously is sallybgaithersy.

Pinterest will let you know if any particular username you want is already taken.

You can change your Pinterest username or email address later by going into your account settings and typing a new one.

For more detailed information about usernames and passwords, the Pinterest help section offers a simple FAQ on account signup and editing procedures.

During signup, Pinterest will helpfully suggest you create an image “board” or two where you can “pin” or save images once you get going.

It’s a good idea to accept the offer and click to create those boards. You can edit them later, giving them titles that reflect whatever purpose you may conceive, such as collecting visual ideas for a home decorating project or a planned vacation.

Pinterest for Business 
Companies that want to use the image-sharing site can sign up for a special, free business account that confers a few advantages, such as the use of buttons and widgets. Pinterest offers a special sign-up page for business.

Browsing Pinterest Image Boards 
Anyone can browse its image collections, but only people who become members, establish a Pinterest username, and register for a free Pinterest account can post and comment on pictures or start pinning, organizing, and sharing images on the virtual pinboard system.

So there is strong incentive to join rather than just lurk. Even without a membership, of course, you can still browse Pinterest’s image boards and explore any Pinterest board by topic. The photography channel, for example, has gorgeous photos. Travel and Outdoors do, too.

Statistics for 
Pinterest’s remarkable traffic growth suggests a lot of people do indeed like it. Alexa, a web measurement firm, ranked Pinterest as No. 78 globally and No. 28 in the United States for total web traffic as of mid-summer 2018. For an update on Pinterest’s traffic, take a look at this page that Alexa maintains showing the latest statistics.

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