How to Use Marketplace on Facebook

How to Use Marketplace on Facebook
  How to Use Marketplace on Facebook 
” Marketplace Facebook How to Use ” If you are confused about this, you shouldn’t be, because it is the same thing as how to use the Facebook marketplace. 

The reason for the change is that a lot of users search it that way, so in order to get their attention, I have to use it too. 

So today I will be explaining to you how you can easily make use of your marketplace on Facebook. 

The marketplace can be used to easily buy and sell items. A marketplace is a place for those who wants to buy items and for those who want to sell their products to a targeted audience. The marketplace is where people can discover, buy and sell products. 

It helps you to find new things that will interest you on Facebook. 

Facebook marketplace is a feature built-in to the Facebook network. It is majorly used by Facebook users to buy and sell products. 

How to Access the Marketplace on Facebook? 
If you’re in a country where the Facebook marketplace is not supported you won’t be able to use the Facebook marketplace because it’s not yet supported in all the countries. 

The reason is to prevent spammers from creating new accounts and selling fake products after being banned from Facebook. 

But if it’s able in your country you will be notified by Facebook. To access the marketplace read the steps below; 
> Log in to your Facebook account at Facebook. 
> Tap on the shop icon that is at the bottom of the Facebook page 
> Then start exploring. 

When you find something that interests you, just click to message the seller and you can work it out. But it’s up to you and the seller or buyer to come to an agreement on the transaction details. 

Marketplace on Facebook? 
To use the marketplace on Facebook, you must either be a buyer or a seller. Below is how to use the marketplace on Facebook if you want to sell on Facebook. 
> Log in to your Facebook account. 
> You will new shop icon, click on it to proceed. Facebook will give you more information before you proceed. 
> You’ll need to add a photo of the items you’re selling. Facebook won’t charge you for adding more than one picture. But make sure you add a clear picture. 
> Next, you’ll be asked to enter a title. Your title should not be too long and it should state what you’re selling. 
> Next Facebook will ask you to add a description of what you’re selling. Make sure to give a clear description of what you’re selling. 
> Add a price for your items. 
> Add location and category. 

Facebook will then set your item so it can be visible to people. 

Buying on Facebook Marketplace 
Buying on the marketplace is not as difficult as you think. Below are steps to follow if you want to buy from the Facebook marketplace. 
> First, you’ll have to log in to your Facebook account. 
> Locate the marketplace icon the Facebook app
> Click on an item you want to buy. 
> Click the message to send a message to the seller or click on ask for details. 
> Then you’ll have to wait for the seller to reply to you and you both come to an agreement. 

Marketplace Facebook how to use is easy. 
But first, you’ll need a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account it’s impossible to use the Facebook marketplace.

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