Easy Guide/Steps On How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Easy Guide/Steps On How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook: Are you among the over 2.2 billion active monthly facebook users and want to figure out the steps you need to unfollow someone on facebook? 

Here is a Facebook post that teaches all the steps you need to easily unfollow people on facebook. 

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Easy Guide/Steps On How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook
Interestingly, Facebook is the most popular and widely used social network by individuals and businesses. This is evident in its number of users. There are over a billion users of Facebook presently. 

The platform has allowed people to connect with their families overseas, friends, old school mates and much more. One can also use Facebook for business purposes such as connecting with clients. 
How to unfriend someone on Facebook 
> Go to the person’s profile 
> Tap friends 
> Tap unfriend, then tap Confirm

The person you un-friended won’t be notified. 
Facebook Profiles 
Facebook allows it’s users to create a profile where they can have a picture of themselves, as well as a larger cover photo, and details about work, education, interests, and much more. 

The main profile page contains the user’s feed which includes items they post, or the items posted by other users directly onto their feed. 

A Facebook user can access their profile through a direct link or by clicking on their name in a menu running along the top of the Facebook page. 
Facebook Friends 
I’m sure you know Facebook allows users to make friends with other people. You do this either by sending a friend request to others or by accepting friend requests sent to them. This makes Facebook basically a community of friends. 

Facebook can also search a users email and phone contacts if granted permission to find people with a Facebook profile so you can connect with them. You can also use a search box at the top of the Facebook page to find your friends. 
Facebook Pages 
Facebook users are unable to have more than 5,000 friends, this puts a limit on what a person can do. To fix this, users are allowed to create “pages”. These pages generate likes or fans and are able to reach a wider audience. It is ideal for businesses. 
Facebook Groups 
A Facebook group is an upgrade to a Facebook page. It is more interactive and specific. It is a great way for people of like-minds to connect over a particular interest. 
Different kinds of people on Facebook 
Facebook is a community of people. This implies that different kinds of people can be found on the platform. Let’s take a look at some of these people: 
The Narcissist: these are people whose mission on Facebook is to brag about their life and post selfies. They feel the world revolves around them, so they post each and every detail of their “awesome” life. 

The Political Activist: this type of Facebook user is all about politics. Their news feed is fiery and always filled with praise and outrage for a political cause or person. 

They tend to engage in lots of fights just to buttress their political views. 

Joke-forwarder: everyone loves a good joke, I mean, who doesn’t? Too much of everything is also bad. This type of Facebook user takes it to the next level by forwarding every joke they come across, both good and bad jokes. 

What you shouldn’t do on Facebook 
> Share literally everything you see 
> Change your name to something stupid 
> Stalking acquaintances 
> Constantly posting your political views 
> Posting too many photos of your baby 

5 reasons why you should unfriend someone on Facebook 
Conflicting Political and Religious Views: oftentimes, it is hard knowing someone doesn’t share your religious or political beliefs. It gets even harder when you constantly have to view their religious/political Facebook updates. It’s best to just unfriend them, to have peace of mind. 

When they are totally self-absorbed: some of your close friends might be bragging on social media. A tiny bit can be cool. But when it becomes a daily occurrence, then it’s time to let that friend go. 

When they are a terrible friend: this is a very good reason to unfriend someone on Facebook. It is not healthy being in a toxic friendship, besides no one needs a friend that puts them down. 

If they are a gossipy relative: this is another great reason to unfriend someone on Facebook. Imagine having that relative relaying all your actions back to your parents. It’s as if you’re being stalked. The best course of action is to remove them from your friend’s list. 

Inappropriate updates: sometimes you scroll through your news feed and find inappropriate posts (comments, pictures). You just wonder what goes through people’s minds. If this becomes frequent, it’s best to just unfriend the person. 

How to unfriend someone on Facebook 
> Go to the person’s profile 
> Tap friends 
> Tap unfriend, then tap Confirm. 

The person you un-friended won’t be notified.

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