Facebook Marketplace Mobile – Steps On How to Access Marketplace On Facebook

Facebook Marketplace Mobile – Steps On How to Access Marketplace On Facebook: We just it is necessary we take a brief look at the steps every facebook user that want to sell things on facebook marketplace needs to access facebook marketplace on mobile and on other devices. 

Interestingly, this post covers everything on facebook marketplace mobile and the question where is the marketplace on facebook will be considered accordingly. 

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Before we dive into the subject at hand proper, let's consider what facebook marketplace mobile is all about.
Facebook Marketplace Mobile – Steps On How to Access Marketplace On Facebook
Marketplace Mobile refers to the use of the Facebook marketplace using your mobile phone. 

If you're a Facebook veteran and have used the marketplace feature before or still using it to sell or buy things on the giant social media platform, you'll agree with me that the Facebook marketplace is a feature launched on Facebook that lets people buy and sell within the Facebook platform. 

This marketplace is a location on Facebook filled with millions of people that engage in the act of buying and selling using the Facebook app on their mobile phones. 

If you are a Facebook user, then you must have come across posts in your news feed convincing people to buy and purchase goods and services. 

This should tell you that buying and selling have become a common activity within the Facebook site. 

There are different places on Facebook, which feature the buy and sale of products. And millions of people have been making good use of this advantage provided by Facebook.

However, you should take note that this marketplace on the Facebook app has not been launched in all locations. It is currently available in 85 countries.

So, if you reside in any of these locations, you can be able to find and access the marketplace. Follow the processes below, to find out if the marketplace is in your location.
How to Access Facebook Marketplace 
If you have got your Android or IOS phones, you can make use of Facebook Marketplace Mobile, which actually refers to the marketplace available through your mobile phone.

Follow the steps below to find and access the marketplace on your mobile phone.

Facebook users who use Android devices can find the marketplace as a Shop icon at the top of the Facebook homepage.

Tap on the Shop icon and this takes you to the marketplace, where you find options to help you buy, sell, search through the marketplace, find categories of products and lots more.

Facebook users who make use of IOS phones have to access the marketplace through their menu option.

Tap on your menu button and tap on Marketplace. Here, you will have to set your location and get on with what you want in the marketplace.

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