How Can I Locate Facebook Marketplace App – Marketplace Facebook Categories | Buy Or Sell A Product Using The Facebook Marketplace

How Can I Locate Facebook Marketplace App – Marketplace Facebook Categories | Buy Or Sell A Product Using The Facebook Marketplace 

Are you an ecommerce business owner and want to figure out how you can access the facebook marketplace? 
The Facebook marketplace is an innovative feature on Facebook that allows Facebook users in the supported countries to conveniently buy and sell goods and services to the people in their localities right from the comfort of their homes. 

Facebook has evolved over the year to become an all encompassing social media platform. 

With it, you can not only send and receive messages from your friends and family members, but can as well buy and sell almost any kind of goods like cloths, furnitures, electronics etc from the comfort of your home. 

Sounds interesting right? If you are among the many Facebook users that still uses Facebook for just sending and receiving of messages from friends and family members, then it’s about time you stopped. 

This, amongst other interesting reasons conditioned the writing of this article. 
Well, some persons thinks that there is another app that is called the Facebook marketplace app. But that is a gross misconception. 

The Facebook marketplace is an inbuilt feature in the regular Facebook app that we are all used to. 

All that is required of you is to open your normal Facebook app from your device and access the marketplace feature right from the app itself. 

Hence, if you are reading this article now, chances are that you already have the Facebook app installed in your device. 

If yes, that means that you also have the marketplace feature, which you can access as well. With your laptop or other gadgets, you can easily start buying and selling any legal products instantly from this marketplace feature. 

With the marketplace feature, you can buy and sell things like cloths, electronic devices, render services, cars at much more. 

However, its advisable to always trade with caution. And on that, i suggest that you read this article on how to stay safe while trading on Facebook marketplace
Well, haven known what the Facebook marketplace feature is all about, you may rationally ask a question like ” why should i make use of the Facebook marketplace app?” Such rational question is one in the right direction. 

If you have ever asked yourself that question, always know that you are not alone in that, as a lot of other persons have asked themselves that question before, especially when there are other popular online platforms like Amazon and eBay that offers the same kind of service like the Facebook marketplace. 

However, there are lots of reasons why you should consider using the Facebook marketplace feature for all your online shopping: At the moment, Facebook has over 2 billion active users worldwide. 

With this massive population as a seller, you are sure that your products will get to the targeted audience in no time. 

It equally means that you don’t really need to struggle for customers as Facebook has a way of linking up everything just for you. 

As a buyer, you don’t need to pay for any delivery fee or spend unnecessary time waiting for your order to arrive, since the Facebook marketplace only displays the goods and services of people from the same location as yourself. 

These, amongst other reasons explains why the Facebook marketplace is a must for you. Its pertinent to state here that Facebook marketplace is not in any form of competition with the other popular online shops. 

No, Facebook marketplace is just unique on its own, with its unique features and innovations. 

However, the only noticeable limitation of Facebook marketplace is the Fact that its still not available everywhere in the world. 
With Facebook marketplace, there is no limit as to what you can buy and sell. Users can buy and sell all consumers products like foodstuffs, cloths, electronics, cars and every other legal products. 

However, there are other products that you can neither buy nor sell via the Facebook marketplace. 

Things like hard drugs, firearms etc cannot be bought nor sold via the Facebook marketplace. For a comprehensive list of items you cannot buy nor sell via the marketplace, click here 

I believe strongly that by now, you must have known that there is no separate app that is called the Facebook marketplace app, as what is called the Facebook marketplace is just a feature in the normal Facebook app. 

To access the Facebook marketplace feature, all you have to do is to download the Facebook app on your android or iPhone device. 

If you don’t have the Facebook app on your device already, then follow our guide below to install one. 
> First, you should open your smart phone and go to google playstore 
> On the home page of Playstore, click on search and type Facebook 
> The Facebook app will come up, click on it and follow the onscreen instruction to install it on your device. 
> Once installed, launch the Facebook app and sign in with your Facebook details. 

Now that you have downloaded and installed the normal Facebook app on your smart phone, you can simply follow this process to access the marketplace feature on it: 
> Launch the installed Facebook app on your phone 
> On the Facebooks homepage, you will see an icon that looks like a shop, thats the marketplace icon, click on it to open it. 
> Once the marketplace opens, click on the category section in the top right corner of the marketplace homepage. 
> From there, you can select the category of product that you want to either buy or sell. 
> You can equally use the search button in the marketplace to search for specific products that you want to review. 

Selling on the marketplace is relatively easy. All that is expected of you it to simply follow our simple guide below: 
> Log into your Facebook app. 
> Locate and click on the marketplace icon 
> On the homepage, click on the SELL icon at the top of the page 
> Select the category that the product you want to sell fall into. 
> Add some good and quality images that will properly represent your product. 
> After which, you can give your product a good title that is chatchy. 
> Input the price of your product. dont make it too expensive though. 
> Once you are done with this, click on the click on next and then specify the kind of persons that the product will be available to – the people that can see the products for sell. 

> Log into your Facebook app 
> Click on the Facebook marketplace icon to assess it 
> Click on BUY at the top side of the page 
> Select the category of the product you want to buy from 
> Once the desired category appears, select the product you want to buy from the category. 
> Click on the product that you want to buy to assess more information about it, including the sellers information and location. 
> Once you are ok with all that you have seen and read about the product, you can then message the seller to conclude the remaining part of the nagotiation, so you can proceed with the payment. 

The process of buying and selling on Facebook marketplace via android is the same with the iPhone platform, All you have to do is to simply follow the guide above on your iPhone device and you should get the same result as explained above. 
Do you have a car that you want to list on the Facebook marketplace, so you can quickly sell it? If yes, simply follow the simply guide below and everything should be good in a moment. 
How Can I Locate Facebook Marketplace App – Marketplace Facebook Categories | Buy Or Sell A Product Using The Facebook Marketplace 
> Log into your Facebook account 
> From there, locate the Facebook marketplace icon and click on it 
> Click on the camera icon at the top of the marketplace page, and select the vehicles for sale option > Click on the image of the vehicle or car that you want to sell on the marketplace to upload it on the marketplace and then click on Next. 

Now, include the car number, model, and some other core features the car has, which you believe will attract the attension of the potential buyers and hit the next key. 

Next on the list is the option that enables you to describe the car in more details like the condition of the car, whether new or used, the accident history, etc. 

Next, put the price of the car and click on next. But make sure that the price that you put is the market price for it, else it might affect the sells of the car. After which you can go ahead to purblish the advert 
A lot of users have complained that they cant see the marketplace icon on their Facebook app. The reason is not far fetched from the fact that the Facebook marketplace, at the moment still has some limitations as to the person and location where it can be assessed. 

First, for you to be able to use the Facebook marketplace, you must be 18 years and above. Also, you must be resident in any of the listed countries below: 
> Argentina. 
> Australia. 
> Austria. 
> Belgium. 
> Belize. 
> Bulgaria. 
> Canada. 
> Chile. 
> Costa Rica. 
> Croatia. 
> Cyprus. 
> The Czech Republic. 
> Finland. 
> France. 
> Germany. 
> Greece. 
> Hungary. 
> India. 
> Ireland. 
> Italy. 
> Latvia. 
> Lithuanian. 
> Luxembourg. 
> Malta. 
> Mexico. 
> The Netherlands. 
> New Zealand. 
> Norway. 
> Panama. 
> Paraguay. 
> Peru. 
> The Philippines. 
> Poland. 
> Portugal. 
> Puerto Rico. 
> Romania. 
> Singapore. 
> Slovenia. 
> South Africa. 
> Spain. 
> Sweden. 
> Switzerland. 
> Thailand. 
> The United Kingdom. 
> The United States. 
> Uruguay. 

This by extension means that if you are outside the above listed countries, you will not be able to buy nor sell using the Facebook marketplace feature on your Facebook. 

You shouldn’t feel too bad though, as Facebook is working real hard to make the service available to the whole world. 

Hence, it will soon get to your country ok? Good. That is it for this article. Was it interesting? If yes, please use the share button below to share this article to your friends on social media. Still got some other questions? 

Use the comment section below. Thanks

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