List of Facebook Games to Play - Steps On How to Download Games on Facebook Gameroom App

List of Facebook Games to Play - Steps On How to Download Games on Facebook Gameroom App: Facebook is not just a social platform where you connect with friends, families and loved ones and share pictures, etc, it is also a platform where you get to have fun by playing some amazing Facebook games.
  List of Facebook Games to Play - Steps On How to Download Games on Facebook Gameroom App 
Facebook games are a great way to play games that are fun and challenging but not so taxing on your computer’s resources. 

Since Facebook made a platform where developers make their own apps, we have had tons of interesting and fun-filled games. 

If you have not been playing Facebook games, you have been missing a lot. Today, I will take out time and show you how you can install the Facebook Gameroom and list some of the amazing Facebook games out there that you can easily play right away and have fun. 

How to Download and Install Facebook Gameroom 
To install Facebook Gameroom, log into a computer running Windows 7 and above. 
2. click Download Gameroom. 
3. Follow the instructions to download and install Gameroom. 

If the Gameroom app does not install, you might be required to install the Microsoft .NET framework 4 first. The Gameroom app works on pc windows, from windows 7 and above. You can play a game by making sure you have the latest version of the app. Also ensure your data is switched on at when playing the game. 

Note: Facebook Gameroom isn’t currently available for Mac or Linux. 

How to Download Games on Facebook Gameroom App 
To download games on the App, use the search bar to find games and then download them. All games download will be saved in the Downloaded Games list. 

The games in your Downloaded Games list are automatically updated as new versions come out. 

However, you can always decide to remove any game from your Downloaded Games list. You do this by, clicking the X next to the game. 

To find any specific game of your choice, simply type the name in the search bar and search for it. If you run into any confusion, you can explore the different gaming categories to help you choose the game you might like. 

If you are not sure which games to begin with, below is a compiled list of some amazing games you can begin with right away. 
List of Facebook Games to Play 
1. MindJolt gamesMindJolt actually offers you many games – you can play Arcade, Puzzle, Strategy and Sports games together with your friends or just by your self. As you can choose to play different games each time you will not get bored soon. 
2. Mafia Wars 
Number one crime game on Facebook – are you sure you want to do this? Game allows you to create your own mafia gang along with your friends as members of your crew. Fight for your survival! 
3. YoVille 
YoVille is somewhere similar to SIMS, you create your character and his virtual home. Then you need to develop him, go to job and make money. Besides this game offers many interesting mini-games and events that you can experience together with your friends. 
4. Farm Town 
Currently one of the most popular farming games on Facebook with millions of regular players. In this game, your goal is to create a farm and earn money from it. You will need to plant crops and take care of animals together with other things. Try to play together with your friends! 
5. Restaurant City 
This game allows you to create and manage your own restaurant. The best part is that you can employ your friends to make them do different jobs at your restaurant. Trade, manage and try to create your virtual business. 
6. Bejeweled Blitz 
Facebook version of classic gem-swapping puzzle game which tends to be very addictive and many people love it. You can see this by application stats – it is one of the most popular games on Facebook currently. 
7. Friends For Sale 
Friends for sale is an interesting game where you can buy and sell your friends as pets, make them do different jobs and earn money. 
8. Know-It-All Trivia 
Simple test game that will test your knowledge in different areas like sports, science, geography, and others. You can challenge your friends to see which one of you is smarter. 
9. Pet Society 
A very attractive game where you take care of your virtual pet. Feel free to develop his character, play funny and interesting games and do a lot more. 

You can visit also your friend pets and even challenge them.

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