how to post on facebook marketplace as a business - selling items on FB Online Market

In today's we're going to show you exactly How to Sell an Item on Facebook Marketplace – Facebook Marketplace free of charge.

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This post will expose you to the easiest way of accessing the facebook marketplace, list your items for sale and also make reasonable sales on the giant social media platform.

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how to post on facebook marketplace as a business - selling items on FB Online Market
Facebook Marketplace - What Is It All About?
Facebook marketplace is a digital marketing platform that connects people all over the world. The free marketing platform helps Facebook users to buy and sell items of their choice.

Facebook marketplace is situated at the left column of facebook news =feed and people that are eligible to use it can always access it.

Note that if you're using the Facebook mobile app that the marketplace button can be located at the top of the app for android users and at the bottom of the app for iPhone users.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace
Selling an item on the Facebook marketplace can be compared to just selling your item to someone who came to your store, which is an offline store. 

However, there is a slice different between selling in an offline store to using the marketplace on Facebook to market your online business.

The reason is, the Facebook marketplace is an online market that is on the Facebook social media platform. 

You can’t access the Facebook marketplace on other social media but is only on the Facebook platform. 

As earlier stated, the Facebook market is a digital market where you can buy and sell your products just like the way you buy and sell offline.

However, to sell or buy on marketplace on facebook is very simple and easy. Follow the below guide to get it done step by step.

To sell something on facebook marketplace, 

1. You'll need to first login your account

2. Tap on the marketplace icon at the left column of your facebook newsfeed

3. Tap on sell something

4. Tap on item for sale

5. Upload the photos of the items you want to sell

6. Enter a detailed description of the item

7. Enter a category

8. Finally, tap on post and you're done

That is how to post an item for sell on facebook.

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Bear in mind that if you're a business owner and want to use the facebook marketplace to sell your online business, you'll need to first off, signup a facebook account of the social media site.

How to create facebook account
To register an account on Facebook, do the following:

1. enter in your browser'
2. Head to the signup account section of the facebook official webpage
3. enter your name, date of birth, email address or phone number, gender, and a strong password
4. Finally, click on the signup button

Next, use the confirmation code sent to your cellphone number or the confirmation link sent to your email address to access your Facebook account.

How to To Login Facebook
To login yout facebook profile, do the following:
1. enter in your browser
2. enter your login details in the spaces provided
3. Click on the login button and you'll be taken to your Facebook profile.

How to Logout Facebook account
1. Tap on the v-like icon at the top right corner of the page
2. tap logout from the dropdown menu

That is it with how to post on facebook marketplace as a business - selling items on FB Online Market.

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