Facebook Business Page Private - How Do I Make My Facebook Business Page Private?

Set up Facebook business page: Are you wondering what happens when you change your facebook business page from public to private?

 Are you just looking for a guide on how to make your facebook business page private? 
Facebook Business Page Private - How Do I Make My Facebook Business Page Private?
Whichever way, here is a facebook page that teaches everything you need to know about facebook business page and how to make it private.
Facebook Business Page? 
Facebook business pages are known as an advertising strategy. Where you can promote your business through various platforms and even advertise your page to reach out to certain number of people. 

Making your business page private from certain people actually indicates that you don’t want certain people to engage in your business page. 

Most especially this helps you to select potential numbers of people or audiences that you want to see or engage in your page. many businesses that create a page on Facebook tend to find a particular audience or form a small page for their business client. 
How to Make Business Page from Public to Private 
First of all, before you can decide to set your page to private it must have already been set to the public. 

From there you can decide to change from public to private. Plus have to be the admin of the page or manage the page for someone in other to access the settings. 

> Go to www.facebook.com 
> Access your account with your login details. 
> Submit the application by clicking on the “Log in” icon. 
> Then access the drop-down icon and click on your page name if you manage multiple pages. 
> Click on Setting at the top of the page. 
> Lastly, you can then click “Edit” on page visibility. 
> Afterward, you can now click Page unpublished. 

Once, the actions complete and you then click Save change. Finally, your business page will be made private.

Keep in mind, aside from just the business page, you can use the same application on other pages you manage.

What Happens When You Make your Business Page Private? 
However, you need to know that when your business page on Facebook is successfully made private. 

There are certain things that happen when your page was public will no longer be active. This includes the engagement on your page. 

As well as your business page will be invisible for people to connect with your product or services. in addition, contents you posted to the page will not be seen as it’s already unpublish for non-visitors to see except the people that already like or follow your page. 

In case you make to make it public back, you can go through the process the same way. Then click “published page” and your page to review back to the normal settings.

That is it on Facebook Business Page Private - How Can I Make My Facebook Business Page Private?

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