Facebook Marketplace Categories – List of Facebook Marketplace Categories

Facebook Marketplace Categories – List of Facebook Marketplace Categories: facebook and marketplace are trending terms online.

Yes! That is true. Facebook marketplace receives lots of searches on google on a daily basis. However, this article is not about that.

In this post, we'll be teaching how to access the facebook marketplace categories and then how to use them to buy or sell things on facebook.

If you're an online veteran and a facebook user, you'll agree with me that in the quest to solve online marketing platform issues and bring marketplace closer to its users, facebook has launched the facebook marketplace feature.

But a lot of facebook users are yet to get to know about the facebook marketplace. And some are still wondering about facebook and marketplace existence.

This is because the facebook marketplace icon is located at the left column of facebook users newsfeeds and several facebook users especially those in regions where the feature is yet to be extended to don't seem to see it.

In view of that, some facebook users are still doubting the existence of facebook online marketplace.

Well, if you're among the facebook users who are yet to get facebook marketplace icon on your newsfeed or on android or on iOS devices, this article got you covered.

Interestingly, during the course of this article, you'll see the complete steps you need to access the facebook marketplace.

However, the primary aim of the post is to expose you to the facebook marketplace categories and how to access them,

Let's get started with facebook marketplace categories.
Facebook Marketplace Categories – List of Facebook Marketplace Categories
What Is Facebook Marketplace Categories?
Facebook Marketplace Categories entails of the categories of products that you could get to buy or sell on the Facebook marketplace.

It is the classified section of the facebook marketplace that makes accessing of the platform easy for users.

Facebook has provided a marketplace whereby so many people come together to engage in buying and selling. 

In this marketplace, there are certain categories featured. There are categories of products, which Facebook allows its users to buy or sell. 

So, if you are a seller who has been in search of possible ways to get your business to the audience, then you could consider the marketplace on Facebook. 

However, before getting started, you have to make sure that your business model fits into the use of the Facebook marketplace. 

What do I mean? You should check out the categories of products that are allowed into the Facebook marketplace. 

This also applies to buyers too. If you have heard of the marketplace and would consider buying from sellers here, you should also get to know the categories of products that you can find here. Let’s proceed, as we move on.

What Is Facebook Marketplace? 
The Facebook Marketplace is an easy and convenient area, provided by Facebook, which allows the act of buying and selling.

If you are a seller showing your business, brand, products, and services to your audience on Facebook, then the marketplace is just right for you. 

This also applies to people who would want to shop and purchase items without stress. Just with your mobile phone or computer device, you can buy or sell on the marketplace. 
Why Use the Marketplace? 
The Facebook marketplace is relevant and helpful for people are interested in getting their business to their target audience and customers on the Facebook platform. You can sell as many products as you want right on your couch. 

There are so many people out there who are in need of amazing products to buy! Why don’t you get started right away?

It is also helpful to buyers, as they could purchase items just with few clicks. 

Just on your couch, you can find different Facebook Marketplace categories of products to shop from.

List of Facebook Marketplace Categories 
This part of my article reveals to both sellers and buyers the different Facebook Marketplace Categories of products that are available for you. 

People can list, sell and buy the following categories;

> Home. 
> Clothing and accessories. 
> Vehicles. 
> Electronics. 
> Classifieds. 
> Deals. 
> Family. 
> Garden. 
> Hobbies. 
> Housing. 
> Entertainment.

Sellers are allowed to list and sell these categories of products in the marketplace. Buyers are also able to find and shop for products in these categories.

You could access and view the categories, and find a particular product from here. 
How to Find Marketplace Categories 
The Facebook marketplace is located right in the Facebook app. Here in the marketplace, you can get to find the different categories, you can buy from or sell. 
For Android 
> Get into the Facebook app. 
> On the homepage, you will find an icon that looks like a Shop. Click on that icon. This will take you straight into the marketplace. 
> In the marketplace homepage, click on “Categories”. You will see the list of available categories. 

For IOS 
> Get into the Facebook app. 
> Click on the menu button. The three horizontal lines on the right side of the homepage. 
> Click on “Marketplace”. 
> Set your location. 
> In the marketplace, you will find a list of options. Click on “Categories”. 

For Computer 
> Visit the Facebook website on Facebook. 
> Log in to your account. 
> On the lefts side of your news feed, click on “Marketplace”. 
> In the marketplace page, click on “Categories”.

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To sell something on facebook online marketplace, you'll need to list your product on the category that your item below to.

That is it on Facebook Marketplace Categories – List of Facebook Marketplace Categories.

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