How Do I Hide & Report Comments on Facebook

How Do I Hide & Report Comments on Facebook: Facebook, a location to share "what’s on your mind" and keep up today with your racist Granny's standings. 
How Do I Hide & Report Comments on Facebook
The social networking system has about 2.1 billion daily active customers, so certainly, it can often feel like a pit of unfavorable as well as offending comments-- however, fortunately, there's a means to prevent these from appearing on your feed.

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How to Hide and Report Comments on Facebook 
Instead of deleting or deactivating your Facebook account, the technology titan enables you to manage what remarks you see by offering you the ability to erase, hide, or report them.

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Yet first, allow's explain what each of these means. So, to delete a remark, this means it'll be gotten rid of from the platform permanently. 

But you can't walk around on Facebook simply erasing everybody's comments, after all, you're not God, or Zuckerberg.

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Nevertheless, you can remove your own remarks and remarks from others on your uploads, be that a standing, a photo album, or a life update. 
Hiding a remark means it will certainly disappear from your perspective. However, the person that posted it, together with anyone of your mutual friends, will still be able to see it. But what sort of remarks deserve hiding? 

Well, maybe ones that could ruin a TELEVISION show you're watching, for instance. And finally, reporting a comment is type of like a citizen's arrest. 

Well, not really ... yet it does mean that if you see an offending remark, you can flag it to the Facebook cops who will certainly then choose if it has broken its neighborhood requirements. If it does, it'll be erased.
How Do I Hide & Report Comments on Facebook
Take control over what comments you see on Facebook 
Hiding comments from any kind of message on Facebook is easy-- be that your very own or somebody else's-- and also you can do this on desktop computer or from the social networking app. 

If you see a remark worth concealing on your newsfeed whilst on desktop computer, just click the three dots to the right of the comment, and also click Hide comment. And if for some reason you regret hiding the comment, or you did this by mishap, simply click Unhide under the now-hidden comment.
How Do I Hide & Report Comments on Facebook
To conceal a remark from the Facebook application, simply press as well as hold down the comment you don't wish to see any longer, and afterwards tap Conceal. When concealed, the remark will certainly be replaced with text claiming: 

"This remark has actually been hidden" and will certainly continue to be in the comment section, yet rather it'll greyed out. Yet, if once more, you are sorry for doing this. It can easily by unhidden by long-pressing the now-hidden message and also tap Unhide comment. 
How to report offensive comments on Facebook 
Some comments need more activity than merely hiding them. Regrettably, you could encounter an offensive message, despite the fact that Facebook has devices in position to immediately spot as well as get rid of offensive comments, often some slip through the internet. 

To report a discussion desktop computer, click the 3 dots to the right of the comment box and also click Find support or record comment. When clicked, a box will appear asking you to clarify what group this remark usually falls into such as: Physical violence, harassment, suicide or self-injury, or despise speech, and so on. Nevertheless, if you can't find the category, there's a search choice to manually locate what you're seeking including options such as "Promoting drug use" as well as "Buffooning sufferers.".
How Do I Hide & Report Comments on Facebook
On the Facebook application, a remark can be reported by long-pressing the comment as well as touching Find assistance or report remark. The following actions are the same as pointed out via desktop computer. 

So, despite the fact that Facebook is using AI to deal with hate speech online, sometimes you might come across something offensive. At least now you recognize just how to manage what you see.

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