How To Delete cloze account Fast

How To Delete cloze account Fast: If you actually want to figure out How To Delete cloze account Fast, then you should just stay right in this article. 

Here, we have got every detail put in place just for you, to begin with, this activity smoothly and conveniently. 

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How To Delete cloze account Fast
Interestingly, Cloze is a free inbox app for mobile devices that helps you keep track of all your contacts from email and social. 

There is no direct link to delete your cloze account but you can use the email address they have provided on their privacy page to request the cloze team to delete your account. 

They have provided this information: 

Changing or Deleting Your Information 
You may review, update, correct or delete the personal information in your account by contacting us 

By deleting your data in your account, then we may deactivate your account. You may request deletion of your data at any time, unless you have shared your data with others and they have not deleted it, or it was copied or stored by other users while displayed by you to others through the Services. 

Your account will be closed after a period of inactivity of six months or such other period of time as we may choose from time to time. 

You also authorize us, on your behalf, and in accordance with your account preferences to delete information when not reasonably needed for the Services. 

If you have shared your data with others and they have not deleted it, or it was copied or stored by other users, Cloze will not be obligated to delete such information. 

Thus, to delete your account, compose an email using the email you used during your registration and send it to with title: 

Delete my close account and add a copy to (Cc)

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