How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently - Deleting Your Facebook Profile

How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently - Deleting Your Facebook Profile: Do you want to delete your facebook account from the giant social media platform but don't know how to go about it?

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If your answer is yes, here is a post that teaches the steps you need to follow to easily get rid of your account from facebok permanently. 
How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently - Deleting Your Facebook Profile
However, before you delete your Facebook account, I would like to share with you some important things that you may, or you should remember to do before giving up your social life.

Here are 5 important things you should consider before deleting your Facebook profile:

1. Be Very Sure You Want To Leave Facebook: If you have decided to leave Facebook, be sure that you have made that decision correctly and you won’t click on any ‘like’ button, you won’t wish to chat with anyone on Facebook, and you won’t wish to browse any Facebook page.

This is because some people decide to delete their account, but just a day after deleting their account, they log back in and like statuses, chat with friends and other pieces of stuff.

2. Give Your Pages And Groups To Other Users: If you have created a group or a page on Facebook, and other members are happy using your group or sharing news in your page, let them keep on enjoying Facebook and don’t take the group away from them simply because you want to leave Facebook.

Just grant admin privileges to other members of that group or page and let them enjoy while you are out of Facebook.

3. Inform Your Friends: It’s a good idea to let your close friends and acquaintances know that they won’t find you on Facebook anymore.

Just inform them that you are about to delete your Facebook account, by doing this, you can exchange contacts and other means of communication with some other good friends that you will miss and who will miss you on Facebook.

4. Download Your Information: It’s also a good idea to download your data from Facebook, these may include your messages, photos, videos, contacts, and other stuffs. To download your information from Facebook, read this help:

5. Uninstall Mobile Apps, Clear Your Browser History And Log In Sessions: The last thing to consider and remember to do is to uninstall your Facebook app in your mobile devices and also clear your Facebook login sessions and history.

This will help you because someone else can use your device, either mobile or desktop computer and log in again, reactivating your account in the process if you have left the option of your password being remembered on your device.

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