How to Join Facebook Group | How to Join a Facebook Group as a Page

How to Join Facebook Group | How to Join a Facebook Group as a Page: Facebook group is one of the best features on the giant social media platform that allows users to buy and sell things, connect and interact with people of like minds and lots of others. 

If you created a group on facebook, you're the admin of the group. And for people to discover and join your group, you'll need to send an invitation to them.

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You can also give out rules to other loyal members of your facebook group. 
How to Join Facebook Group | How to Join a Facebook Group as a Page
If however, you're not the owner of a facebook group and you like the group maybe because of the kind of things they are into, you can choose to join the group. 

How to join a facebook group is very simple and easy. As a facebook user, you can either join a facebook group using your personal profile account or via your facebook page be it facebook business page, facebook fan page or personal facebook page for connecting with your friends and loved ones.

This facebook post will also show you how to join a facebook group as a page. So if you don't want to join a facebook group using your personal facebook account, you can use your facebook page.

How to get that done is very simple and easy.

Let's get started with how to join a facebook group step by step.

Facebook Group Join 
Facebook is a social media platform with lots of groups or communities to join and communicate with individuals with the same aim or goal in different areas. Also, Facebook groups join in the process of joining a Facebook group. 

FB is actually loaded with lots of various individual groups to choose from depending on the topic or idea you want. Joining Facebook groups are absolutely free and simple. Users join groups based on their interests, location, community, and locality. 

On the Facebook platform, users can join as many groups as they can handle. As Facebook groups are free to use, to access and use them, you are required to have a Facebook account or simply sign up for one if you don’t have. 
Facebook Groups 
Do you know that Facebook groups are great means of meeting, connecting and interacting with different people? Also, interact with club members or society members with a common interest. Groups are created with goals and focus or target. 

As a registered Facebook user, you have the right to create or join as groups as you can manage. Lots of groups on the platform required users to answer certain questions before sending the request.

Facebook Group Join Questions 
Facebook groups have served a great purpose in connecting, exchanging and marketing among different individuals. There are groups that have questions that are asked by group, admins, before sending a group request. 

The questions are there to intimidate but to help them understand what you are joining the group for. Although, it is not compulsory to answer all the questions you are asked when you want to join. 
Facebook Sign Up 
As I said, to access and join Facebook groups, you must have a profile on the platform or create one if you do not have. Well, when it comes, signing up for an account on the platform, the process is easy, free and fast. 

There’s a mobile application for Facebook that is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. 

So you want a Facebook profile, right? Follow the instructions below; 

> Open Facebook mobile app on your device use your browser and go to 
> From the page hit on Sign Up. 
> Enter your first name, surname. 
> Choose your birthday. 
> Provide your mobile phone number or email ID of any kind to create. 
> Male or Female? Make sure to indicate the one you want for the account. 
> Create a password for the profile and tap on Sign Up. 

The new profile will be created, it won’t be complete without verifying the account. After the process above, the platform would then send a confirmation text or mail to use in verifying the profile.
Facebook Login 
Already have an account? Then log in by following the simple instructions below; 
> Open Facebook app or your browser and type in 
> Enter your login details on the platform. Email ID or a number and password. 
> Click on Log In.
Once the information you provided is considered to be correct, the profile would be loaded immediately on the device. 

How to Join Facebook Group 
Joining a Facebook group is as easy reading ABC. Users can join groups by following the step by step instructions below; 
> From your, Facebook Newsfeed hit on Groups. 
> Use your search bar at the top and type in the name of the group you wish to join. 
> Scrolling through the result of the groups displayed. 
> Then select the one you want. 
> Hit on the + Join Group button. 
> Choose if you want to join with your profile or your page. 
> Answer the questions and send a request. 
How to Join a Facebook Group as a Page 
Joining a facebook group using your personal page, helps to increase your page reach. The reason is that people in those groups will get to know about your page and if they find it interesting, they can choose to like or follow it. 

To join a facebook group as your page, after clicking on the +join option, choose to join using your facebook.

It is that simple.

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