How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends

How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends: Facebook is the most populated social media platform that acts as an avenue for connecting thousands of people which may be friends or frenemies, individual users have the options of selecting who becomes friends with them on Facebook and also who remains friends with them on Facebook. 

The world as whole changes, so as the world on Facebook, friends stab your back and become enemies leading to you blocking them on Facebook. 
How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends
However, over time, they may come back and apologize for their wrongdoings and your friendship is once again reactivated leading to you wanting to revert your earlier decision of blocking them.

Steps to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends 
Now that they are your friend, in reality, you can as well make them your friend again on Facebook by unblocking following the steps below; 

> Click on the padlock-like icon on the top right corner of your Facebook home screen 
> From the pop-up, select “How to stop someone bothering me” 
> Then select to see all blocked users 
> Search for the individual you intend to unblock 
> Then click the “unblock” button in front of the individual’s name

Once you follow the steps above strictly, the individual has once again become your Facebook friend, you can now follow him/her up on their Facebook activities, you can view their profile and in turn, they can as well view yours. 

Forgiveness they say is cool, I guess that was what prompted this article in the first place so go ahead with How to Unblock Blocked Facebook Friends. 

Please share with others and save them from the sin of unforgiveness. I hope this article was quite helpful?

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