Marketplace Not working on Facebook App

Marketplace Not working on Facebook App: If you're a Facebook veteran, you'll be aware that Facebook has migrated from just a chatting and connecting platform to a commerce site.

Some few years ago, Facebook announced the launch of a free marketing platform that allows Facebook users to sell and buy products online.

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This feature is known as the Facebook Marketplace App! The arrival and launching of this marketplace on Facebook are one feature that now gives so many users the chance to buy, sell and engage in a business transaction with so many other people. 
Marketplace Not working on Facebook App
As we all know, Facebook is a platform through which people from far and near get connected and interact with each other. And one way through which people connect is the buying and selling of products with one another. 

Facebook has recently added the marketplace feature, which is one that has exploded on the platform. This marketplace is a convenient and easy location where you can buy and sell items around you and far away.

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People who want to buy are allowed to preview items on sale and search for any item of their choice.

What Does the Facebook Marketplace App Do? 
The Facebook Marketplace App is a digital marketplace where several different users from around and far away can come together to trade, buy and sell items.

However, after the marketplace serves as a place where sellers showcase the items and prices, and buyers preview these items and engage in discussion with the seller, but every other transaction is therefore continued outside the app.

This marketplace lets you to;
1. Look for items to buy.
2. Discover items on sale by location or class.
3. Create images and listings of items you have for sale.
4. Set custom prices and items for your products.
5. Send messages to buyer or sellers in order to proceed with transactions.
6. Have a view of the previous transaction that has taken place.

The Facebook app does not actually take responsibility for managing the transactions for items, users and customers are the ones to work that out by themselves.

Who Can Use the Facebook Marketplace App? 
The Facebook Marketplace App is now available and open to iPhone and Android users of about 18 years and above.

Anyone who has engaged in this before is definitely able to testify that this marketplace is free to sell, buy and trade products. However, the marketplace for desktop and PCs is not yet, but it is pinned on the ground to an uncertain time though.
How to Use Facebook Marketplace App 
1. Browse the Marketplace
2. Open your Facebook on your phone.
3. At the top of the app, click on the Store icon.
4. Click on “Categories” at the top.
5. Select the type of item you want to view.
6. Browse the marketplace for the item you want.
7. Click on your preferred item to get more details.
8. Click on “ASK FOR DETAILS”.
9. If you are really interested in the product and want to purchase it, click on “Message”.
10. Click on “Save”.

How To Sell on the Marketplace 
1. Open the Facebook app and click on the Store icon at the top of the page.
2. At the top left side, click on “Sell”.
3. Select a type or category for the product you want to sell.
4. Add the images of the items you have on sale.
5. Type a title for the item.
6. Enter the price of items.
7. Click on “NEXT”.
8. Make a choice of the groups you would like to advertise your marketplace to
9. Click on “POST”.

That is it with how to buy and sell on facebook marketplace using your devices.

Marketplace Not working on Facebook App
If you're having issues with your facebook marketplace access, it may be that you've not updated your app to the latest version.

To update your facebook marketplace, do the following:

1. Open your facebook app
2. Tap on the three lines icon at the top right corner of your facebook app if you're using android phone. You can find the icon at the bottom of the facebook app if you're iOS devices
3. Check the next page that appears and tap on the update option
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your facebook marketplace.

Once you're done with the update, you can try to access the facebook marketplace again.

Note that aside from updating your app, there are other factors that determine the availability of the facebook marketplace.

Here are things that can hinder you from accessing the facebook marketplace:

1. Your region: If your location can't access the facebook marketplace, you can't access it on your device
2. If you're not upto 18years of age, you can't access the facebook marketplace
3. Your language on facebook: If your language is not among the eligible languages that can access the facebook marketplace, you can't access.

Those are the stuff that determines the availability of the facebook marketplace on your android phone.

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